Frequently Asked Questions

Is Leiton available for events, functions, family portraits or for commercial photography?

At this stage, no.

Can I request a landscape of my favourite location?

Email address details of the site, and a description of the exact location to The print will be made available online for purchase.

Are frames included?

Frames are not included with your order. Some frames are available for viewing and personal pick-up at local markets. Dates and times will be posted to the Leiton Facebook page shortly.

Can I request a specific type of print such as on glass or canvas?

Yes, head to my Contact Page, fill out the details and I will send you a quote.

Can I request an existing print for commercial use?

Yes, make your request via the Contact Page, and a quote will be forwarded. Licence details will also be included.

Which print paper is used?

Lustre Paper (Standard Photographic Finish)

I emailed Leiton via the website and it said my message was spam. Why?

Either marketing key words or HTML code would have been in the body of your message. Please refrain from using html code or marketing information in your messages.

Can I reproduce the one of Leiton's images?

Yes you may reproduce one of Leiton's images if you apply for a licence through the Contact Page. Unauthorised re-production, replications or re-prints will result in legal action. Leiton can trace this unauthorised activity digitally with unique image finger print technology that is imbedded into all images sold and licenced.

Can I contact you via phone?

Yes, customers who have current orders, or who have made purchases, will be issued with my contact number. Alternatively, you may message me via my Contact Page.

Are gift vouchers available?

At this stage no, but stay tunned.

What does Leiton mean?

Leiton is the photographers name. It is a combination of his parents' names.

What camera equipment do you use?

Canon 5DSr and a bunch of awesome lenses

Can I follow you on social media?

Yes, on Facebook.

Is this your day job?

I work full time in office administration.

Cats or dogs?